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Air to Water Heat Pumps

Renewable heating and hot water systems have become the norm rather than the exception.

With advances in technology an air source heat pump is possibly the most cost effective solution for any new build dwelling.

How They Work

Air source heat pumps generate heating water under

the same principles as your refrigerator cools its contents.

1. Energy is extracted from air and transferred to refrigerant gas.

2. This preheated gas is then compressed into a high temperature vapour.

3. The vapour is sent to the indoor unit.

4. Its heat is then transferred to the systems heating water.

Efficiency Heat Pumps

The efficiency of a heat pump is rated upon its coefficient of performance – COP. In basic terms this means the amount of electricity required to generate the output.

For instance a unit with a COP of 5, will require 1 kW of electricity with 4 kw from the atmosphere to generate 5 kW of output.

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